You may have found my page because you’re seeking a psychotherapist or a yoga teacher, or because you are trying to better understand how to explore your experience with anxiety, depression, stress, pain, addictions or a history of trauma. I invite you to read on, take your time to digest what you’ve read, and connect if you feel you’d like to explore Welcome Heather McFadyensome more.

Over the years working as a therapist and as a yoga teacher, I have marvelled at the degree to which the body plays a role in the challenges that bring people to therapy; and at the mental and emotional challenges that present themselves on the yoga mat. For me, there is a natural convergence of both practices because we all carry our pasts – our stories – with us; in how we think, how we feel, and how we carry ourselves through the world.

I practice psychotherapy and yoga independently of one another, but my awareness, knowledge and experience of both naturally inform each other.

As a psychotherapist and as a yoga teacher, I listen to your stories. I’m empathic, and I invite you to be curious and compassionate about your own patterns, experiences and sensations. I see both therapy and yoga as tools towards greater self-awareness. Together we will safely explore the impact of the past on your sense of self in order to increase your capacity for a fuller spectrum of emotion, thought and movement; for you to move towards a richer, more balanced way of being in the world.